Planting Suggestions & Maintenance


  • Wet the roots immediately.
  • Plant the trees as soon as possible.
  • If you cannot plant immediately, keep the trees moist and cool until you can plant.
  • DO NOT let the plants freeze.
  • Cover roots with mulch or sand if time before planting exceeds a week or more.


  • Dig a hole larger than the root system and place seedling or tree the same depth as it was growing at the nursery. We recommend putting a slow-release fertilizer packet at the bottom of the hole and then covering it with 1-inch of soil before planting the seedling (two packets for older trees).
  • After the first year, you should fertilize in early spring with Osmocote® Classic 18-6-12.
  • If rain is inadequate, water trees at least once a week.
  • Mast-producing trees and shrubs like the sun. Try to plant in full sun.

    Plant Nursery Trees Properly


  • Space nut/acorn trees about 30 feet apart.
  • Space fruit trees about 20 feet apart.
  • Space shrubs about 6-7 feet apart.


  • Mulch around the tree about 4” deep for weed and moisture control.
  • Additional weed control will be needed in wet years.
  • Mulching is extremely important to retain moisture around the tree in dry years.


  • Deer can cause severe damage, especially to fruit trees.
  • Plantra tree tubes and bark protectors are recommended for all seedlings and older, larger trees.
  • For bushier types of trees and shrubs, we recommend some type of cage or fence to protect from deer.

    Deer Eating Fruit Tree


  • All fruit trees benefit from having sunlight penetrate deep into the tree.
  • Thinning the interior wood helps promote this.
  • Cut out crossed and broken limbs in general.
  • Remove about 1/3 of the limb’s length at time of planting for fruit trees.